The Use Of AI In Marine Marketing And Yacht Sales

Yes, the cover image was generated by AI. No, this article was not!

As the owner of a marine marketing agency, the last two years have been extremely exciting (and a bit daunting) as AI tools such as ChatGPT and Midjourneyhave begun revolutionizing the digital space.

With an increasing demand for content, ideas, and ways to help clients stand out from the crowd, these tools have become increasingly valuable as both idea generators and time savers. From simple AI chatbots helping a customer through their web journey, to creating web content at a rapid rate, we have only just begun to witness the capabilities of AI.

Despite the potential negative impact of these technological advancements, such as job loss, yacht brokerages and their marketing teams can leverage these tools to shape the future of the industry.

So how can you use AI to increase leads, sales, and web presence? Below are just a few ideas that will hopefully help you and your company increase sales and save time.

Artificial Intelligence Use Cases In Yacht Sales And Marine Marketing

Create Boat Listing Descriptions

Whether you are the lead marketer or the listing broker, ChatGPT can easily create a well written listing description based on similar listings and a well thought out prompt.

Create Social Media Captions

Coming up with thousands of photo or video captions a year can be daunting, luckily you can use AI tools such as the built in caption tool from Later to generate a starting point.

Generate Blog Post Ideas

In need of ideas for the blog? Ask AI to generate ideas that you have not written about before or customers are asking online. Be sure to include keywords you plan to target for better results.

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An example of blog post idea generation using ChatGPT

Uncover Missing Landing Pages

Without having to visit all of your competitor’s websites, a simple search on ChatGPT can reveal popular landing pages that your website is missing. Try a search such as: “What important landing pages is my site missing compared to the industry leaders in the yacht brokerage industry?

Quickly Create A/B Testing Ad Copy

We all know that Facebook Ads and Google Ads love A/B testing and for the data-minded marketers, it is essential to test everything. Luckily, AI can rapidly give you ideas for your ads based on a single idea.

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Facebook Ad Copy Examples

Where Artificial Intelligence Falls Short

While I am a believer in AI and how it is reshaping the marine marketing space, there are a few areas where the human touch is required. At the end of the day, people by from people and these tools still read and act like…well, the robots they are!

For example, ChatGPT is capable of writing full articles, blog posts, and landing pages. However, there is a certain lingo to the boating world and I have yet to find a prompt which can capture the correct verbiage and emotions.

Another concern is that relying too heavily on AI could lead to a loss of the personal touch that is crucial in the yacht-buying process. Customers may feel that they are being treated like just another data point, rather than a valued individual with unique needs and preferences.

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The Future Of Yacht Sales And Artificial Intelligence

While I will not reveal all of my agency’s AI tricks, you can see that now is the time to start learning and utilizing this technology. Disruptive tech has a way of sticking around and your company can either embrace it or most likely fall behind.

What are your thoughts on the use of artificial intelligence in marine marketing and yacht sales?

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