Case Study


Client & Objective

Yachts360, a premier yacht brokerage known for its expertise in buying and selling boats, sought to feature their Boat Wizard listings directly on their website while maintaining full creative control and ownership.

The primary objectives were to eliminate competing ads, capture direct lead data, and create targeted audiences for retargeting efforts, all through their own website, which was also developed by Current.

Approach & Execution

In response to Yachts360’s requirements, Current embarked on a collaborative journey with the client’s leadership to precisely define the desired aesthetics and functionality of the listings and search features.

The solution was a custom WordPress plugin and a Cloudflare-based integration that synchronizes all listings to Yachts360’s website in near real-time. This integration covers everything from videos and photos to boat specifications, ensuring the listings are accessible in a user-friendly format on both desktop and mobile devices, including a comprehensive search function.

Impact & Results

The implementation of this plugin has transformed Yachts360’s website into a dynamic platform showcasing over 100 listings, including a co-brokerage API feed specifically for sportfishing vessels.

This direct integration facilitates immediate lead capture and provides custom broker contact information, streamlining the process of connecting leads with the appropriate broker without intermediary data capture by a third-party MLS system.

Since the launch of the custom plugin, Yachts360 has experienced remarkable growth, expanding its operations with additional offices and brokers and extending its reach into the superyacht market. The plugin has not only streamlined their listing process but has also established Yachts360 as a digital marketing trailblazer within the yacht brokerage industry. 


Current’s development of a tailored website and subsequent custom plugin for Yachts360 underscores the transformative power of specialized digital solutions in enhancing business operations and market positioning. This case study exemplifies how innovative digital strategies, particularly in the yacht brokerage sector, can lead to substantial growth, improved brand recognition, and industry leadership.

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