Case Study

Azure Funding

Client & Objective

Azure Funding, a premier marine-focused lending company, aimed to enter the paid advertising arena, specifically Google Ads, to engage potential clients interested in financing their boat purchases


Two campaigns ran across the 2023 time frame and delivered successful results including:

ConversionsA total of 1,220 conversions were achieved, directing potential customers to Azure Funding’s finance application page. This conversion rate signifies the campaigns’ effectiveness in motivating user action.

Targeted Clicks: The campaigns generated a substantial 51,901 targeted clicks.

Impressions: With 745,394 impressions, the ads had a broad reach, significantly increasing Azure Funding’s visibility in the marine lending space.




Targeted Clicks




These result have been instrumental in establishing Azure Funding as a leading name in marine lending. Their regional and national presence continues to grow, in part to the strategic and paid advertising campaigns by Current Marketing.


Azure Funding’s venture into Google Ads, facilitated by Current Marketing, has not only enhanced their digital presence but also positioned them as a dominant player in marine financing. This case study exemplifies the power of targeted digital advertising and strategic partnerships in achieving business growth and brand recognition.

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